Exchange 2013 after installing Lync -The access control entry defines the ObjectType that can’t be resolved in EAC

After installing Lync on the same Domian with exchange sometimes errors occurring in EAC .”The object has been corrupted, and it’s in an inconsistent state. The following validation errors happened:
The access control entry defines the ObjectType that can’t be resolved”


This is most probably caused by cached information in  MS exchange Application Pools .

The issue can be resolved with IISreset on all servers.




Exchange 2010 Corrupted OWA Metadata properties.

Recently I had an issue with OWA  and ECP on Exchange 2010. After unsuccessful RU Update both are displaying following :


It is unable to remove the OWA Virtual Directory from EMS in order to recreate it.

Error was something about”Metabase properties” “metabaseeigenschaften”

Downloaded Metabase Explorer and removed the OWA VD information form IIS.

Expand “LM” –> “W3SVC”–>”1″–>”Root”–>”OWA” Delete OWA

IIS reset. Then deleted the owa VD from ADSI edit. Under Configuration name context Servers–> Protocols->HTTP–>OWA VD


I am still not able to create new OWA VD:

Error in EMS – web object “Exchange” already exists

already exists

I hat to delete also “Exchange, “exchweb”” and “Public” from IIS .

After that the new-OWAvirtualdirectory when without errors. OWA and ecp are accessable. Authentication needs to be corrected after that and Internal and external urls.